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Challenging Fun With Icomania

If you love puzzle games and word games, you will surely enjoy Icomania. This game is a combination of a word game and an image guessing game with an added twist. You will need to guess the icon in order to answer the needed word. You will have to guess the icons in different categories. You will be given a set of scrambled letters wherein you can choose the letter which you think will from the word. There are empty blocks provided below the icon that corresponds to the number of letters that form the word.

The categories on this icon guessing game includes character, city, country, famous people, Movies and TV and much more. As your level increases, so does the difficulty of the icons. To help you decipher what icon is being asked, you may use some hints. There is a hint that places the letter on the exact spot or a hint that eliminates all the letters that are not needed to for the needed word. These hints may require some fees. If you are still having difficulty guessing the icon, you can refer to Icomania Answers to get the correct answer.

All you need to do is select the category and look for the icon you are trying to guess. The correct answers are provided for each icon. This will help you progress to the next level and get too enjoy the game more. The more icons you guess, the better the game gets. With 96 awesome and exciting levels, you will surely forget your boredom.

Icomania is a very user-friendly game. It is a very intuitive game; it no longer needs a tutorial. If you are already familiar with 4Pics 1Word, you will surely know how to play this game. This is why millions of people around the globe have already downloaded this top-rated game for free. It is available for download at Google Play. You may also want to check out the reviews and ratings for this game. Most gamers are already having a good time and enjoy playing this game.

If you are already struggling for the answer and have tried all the words that you can think of but still can’t guess what word it is, Icomania Answers will help you. Instead of getting stuck on a level, continue enjoying the game and unravel more icons. This game gets better and better as your level gets higher.

You may download this game on your iOS or Android devices. It requires iOS 5.0 or later and Android 2.2 or higher. After you download this game, get ready to start the fun. There are no registrations or tutorials needed. You will surely enjoy this game and you can even share it with your friends for more fun. If you have nothing to do and you’re starting to get bored, this game is the best pastime. Icomania is not only engaging, it also tests your familiarization skills as well as your ability to connect a certain image or picture to a category or word.

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